Fairview Village

Fairview Village is on the southern edge of Camden and borders along the edge of Collingswood and Mt. Ephraim. It's conveniently located and offers easy access to major roadways.  This historic community is home to a very diverse population and has been the focus of redevelopment and growth over the past few years.  The area was originally constructed during the early 1900's and designed by European architectures to be a "self contained" community consisting of residential properties, small businesses, churches, schools, stores and recreational facilities for its residents. There are both rental housing units and fully renovated homes are available in this thriving community, making it attractive to first time homebuyers, growing families and seniors.

History of the Area

Fairview Village, originally known as Yorkship Village, was built in 1919 at the height of World War I. The New York Shipyard, which happened to be located in Camden, NJ made the fighting ships for the war.  The demand for the ships was so great, that workers poured into Camden for work. This community was built to provide housing for the ship builders. It is one of the first federally funded planned communities in the United States.  It is now classified as a historic area and was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1974.

Featured Real Estate

RPM Development is proud to offer high quality homes for both low to moderate income renters and buyers.  The apartment communities offer spacious floor plans, large bedrooms, modern kitchens, hardwood floors and ample parking.  The properties for sale are fully renovated, semi-attached row home style properties with prices starting at $52,000.  They boast open floor plans, hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, upgraded kitchens, full basements, central air and fenced yards. Each home is Energy Star compliant to help save money on heating and cooling costs. These homes also include new systems (roof, plumbing and electrical). Mortgage payments on these homes can be as low as $550 per month. RPM is currently in Phase 4 of development and continues to work hard at preserving this historic neighborhood and improving the quality of life for its residents.

For more information on the available properties, please contact our sales office at         (856) 246-1023 or twallace@rpmdev.com.  For information on rental units, our leasing office can be reached at (856) 541-6012.