Waterfront South

The Waterfront South neighborhood is celebrated as a federal and state historic district due to its history and significant contributing buildings such as Sacred Heart Church. 

A diverse mix of people and places adds vibrancy to this Camden neighborhood. It is revitalizing as a burgeoning arts district and includes the South Camden Theatre Company’s 96-seat theater at 4th and Jasper streets, the Camden Shipyard and Maritime Museum, BeeStill Art Studio, and the conversion of an old firehouse into Fireworks, an arts center coming soon.  A community center is now under construction in the historic Star Theater building at Broadway and Viola Streets, and community gardens, greenspaces, and rain gardens are an ever growing presence in the neighborhood.  The Michael J. Doyle fishing pier gives the community access to the Delaware River, and in the coming years, Phoenix Park will provide even greater riverfront access. 

History of the Area

Waterfront South was settled in 1851, when it was promoted by the Kaighns Point Land Company as a suburban refuge on the southern end of Camden, just north of Gloucester City. The neighborhood’s growth was closely tied with the fortunes of Camden’s largest employer during World War II – New York Shipbuilding Company, which employed 35,000 people at its peak. Waterfront South provided homes to many of the company’s workers and their families, a neighborhood shopping district along Broadway and strong sense of community through the schools and churches. Today, it remains a strong neighborhood committed to honoring the past while looking forward to a successful future.

Featured Real Estate

Heart of Camden is currently renovating 55 homes in the Waterfront South neighborhood, with prices starting at $58,900. Homes are three and four bedrooms, with 1-1/2 baths, formal living and dining room areas, new kitchen cabinets and appliances, wall-to-wall carpeting and central air. All home are Energy Star energy efficient for significant savings on utilities. Mortgage payments are as low as $550 per month.

For additional information, or a tour of Heart of Camden homes, contact sales manager Linda Jones at ljones@heartofcamden.org or (856) 966-1212 ext. 24 or visit http://www.heartofcamden.org/publish/homes.html


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