Word Class Education & Medical Facilities

Camden’s educational and medical institutions continue to expand their presence transforming Downtown and enhancing Camden’s regional appeal.

Camden is home to first class medical and educational institutions that drive the city’s economic growth by providing jobs and workforce developments, offering services for the community and sponsoring a variety of initiatives.

In 2010, Camden’s educational and medical institutions contributed over $1.2 billion in spending and employed over 10,000 workers who received almost half a billion dollars in wages. Moreover, the academic institutions enrolled over 9,000 new American and international students in degree programs which represents almost a 25 percent increase since 2001. Likewise, the city’s healthcare institutions provide services to over 600,000 patients annually.

These institutions continue to expand their presence by transforming Camden’s regional appeal. Cooper University Hospital and Rowan University collaborated to establish Cooper Medical School of Rowan University, the first four-year medical school in South Jersey. Changes are also coming to the University district, with Rutgers University-Camden new, 350 bed graduate student dormitory.