First Time Home Buyers

New to this process? That’s not a problem. Buying a home is easy in the City of Camden. With up to 10 first time homebuyer programs available, interested homebuyers are eligible for up to $15,000 in forgivable loans or financing for downpayment or closing cost assistance. Below you will find the resources necessary to guild you along your path to homeownership.

Steps to Home Ownership

Buying a home does not have to be hard. Learn about the easy steps to homeownership.

Available EAH Incentives

Do you work or go to school in the City of Camden? Some local companies participate in the Camden Employer Assisted Housing Program, which offers financial incentives to employees if reside in an area of Camden near their employer.

Homeownership counseling

Many lenders and mortgage providers expect homeowners to take a course on homeownership, especially for first time homebuyers. The classes will educate you on the pre-qualification steps to purchasing a home and provide you with financial advice about how to best choose and affort the perfect home.