Lourdes Health System

Parkside Business & Community in Partnership

Home Ownership Program

November, 2011


GOAL:  Attract diverse residents to the Parkside neighborhood of Camden by rehabilitating and selling three-bedroom, 1.-bath homes at affordable prices.

WHO:  Lourdes Health System (LHS) and Parkside Business & Community in Partnership (PBCIP).

PBCIP ELIGIBILITY:  PBCIP requires the mortgagee live in the home and commit to stay for at least 10 years.

LHS BENEFIT:  Lourdes will loan $5,000 for closing costs.  Loan will be repaid at $1,000 per year for LHS service.  The loan will be forgiven after five years of service or if the associate becomes disabled, dies or is involved in a reduction in force.  The loan must be repaid if the associate voluntarily leaves or is terminated for cause.

ELIGIBILITY:  Associates with at least two years of service who commitment to stay at LHS for at least five years.  Associates who are budgeted at least 20 hours per week.

FOR MORE INFORMATION:  Contact Miosha Lawrence at mlawrence@pbcip.org or (856) 964-0440 or Nancy Baranski, at 856-757-3085.



Lourdes Newsletter:

Our neighborhood partner, Parkside Business & Community In Partnership (PBCIP), is offering a great value to Lourdes associates interested in buying a home in the neighborhood. PBCIP has fully renovated homes available blocks from the hospital with a completely new and updated kitchen, 1 & 1/2 baths and three bedrooms. Prices are far below similar new homes in the area and a great “more house for your money” value compared to most homes listed in Parkside. Lourdes associates have an additional advantage of down payment and closing cost assistance from Lourdes in addition to a first-time homebuyer grant available from the City of Camden. For more information, contact PBCIP homeownership coordinator Miosha Lawrence at mlawrence@pbcip.org or (856) 964-0440 or Nancy Baranski in Human Resources at 856-757-3085.

About the EAH program


About the EAH program