Camden Redevelopment Agency

The Camden Redevelopment Agency (CRA), in partnership with the City of Camden Department of Planning and Development, is implementing a series of development and investment activities across the City that will generate social and economic benefits for Camden residents for years to come.  In our capacity as the City of Camden’s lead agency for real estate acquisition, financing, and development, the CRA works closely with municipal and state agencies, private and nonprofit developers, and Camden residents to assist the City in achieving its full development potential.

The Housing Authority of the City of Camden (HACC) has been serving city residents since 1938. Today Camden Housing Authority serves 4,000 residents annually. Our holdings have grown to include four family sites, three high-rises for seniors and the physically challenged, a homeownership development.  We are the proud recipients of three HOPE VI awards.  Our Five Year Plan echoes the voice of staff, residents and community to reflect the respect, acceptance and inclusion of a diverse community


In 2009, CRA and the HACC were awarded $11.9 and $14.1 million (respectively) in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (Federal Stimulus) Neighborhood Stabilization Program 2 (NSP2) funds from HUD.  Under NSP2, the CRA and HACC are financing the construction and renovation of more than 108 previously vacant, abandoned or foreclosed homes; offering homebuyer down payment assistance, demolishing unsafe structures and encouraging the greening of more than 130 parcels of municipally owned vacant land.   82 newly constructed apartments will be made available for families.  All homes must be sold by February, 2013.

10 neighborhoods are affected by the NSP2 work:

  • Gateway
  • Cooper Plaza
  • Cooper Poynt
  • Pyne Poynt
  • Rosedale
  • Stockton
  • Marlton
  • Waterfront South Morgan Village
  • Liberty Park


CRA and HACC continue to pursue similar opportunities to facilitate continued revitalization across the City, neighborhood by neighborhood.


Saundra Ross Johnson, Executive Director
520 Market StreetCity Hall - Suite 1300
Camden, NJ 08101
(856) 757-7600